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Join two self-proclaimed “anxiety experts” and best friends, David Robert and Kevin O’Connell, as each week we pop open a bottle of wine and share hilarious stories about the stuff that keeps us up at night. Spoiler alert: It’s everything. Will we be able to help each other navigate our fears? Probably not but you’ll die laughing as we try.

Nov 19, 2017

Hide your kids. Hide your wife. And hide your husband. 'Cuz they're stealing everything up in here. Join Kevin and David as they discuss anxiety related to the possibility of being burglarized. 

Nov 3, 2017

Shock Alert! We need electricity. How else would we be able to binge watch Gossip Girls? But like most good things, it can kill you. At any moment you could be taken out by a lightening strike, a frayed cellphone charger or even a cheap toaster. Join us as we discuss the shocking revelation that electricity is yet...